Warning When Opening attachment

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)/Office 2016 Business Edition (32 bit)

I have installed all Windows and Office Updates and restarted several times.

In Outlook 2016, when I try to open an email file attachment, it results in a pop up that asks/warns "You should only open attachments from a trustworthy source." It provides the options to Open, Save or Cancel. The box to “Always ask before opening this type of file” is checked and greyed out, thus, not allowing me to disable this warning.

I was able to resolve the issue for .doc files by editing the the "EditFlags" registry
Changed from 00 00 00 00
To: 00 00 01 00

However, when I tried to change for .docx, I go to: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\ClickToRun\REGISTRY\MACHINE\Software\Classes\Word.Document.12
There is No "EditFlags" key
Can I add the "Edit Flags"? If so, could you provide me with the proper steps, as I'm very new to editing the registry.

Also, I need to perform this step for .html attachments, but am unable to locate that specific key. Do you know where its at in the registry?
Thank you very much for the recommendation

Do I add the "EditFlags" to this key:

Add it to
as reg_binary. If a dword exists for the value, rename it (i add - to the end).

With huge thanks and appreciation to Diane Poremsky above, I was able to fix all file types with the following add and changes to the registry

For .docx files, I had to add the following to this key:



“Edit Flags” REG_BINARY 00 00 01 00

For the following keys, I changed:

“Edit Flags”

Changed from 00 00 00 00

To: 00 00 01 00

00 00 00 00 displays the Open or Save dialog warning
00 00 01 00 opens the file without the warning
















For HTML Attachments


Changed EditFlags

From: 00 00 20 00

To: 00 00 01 00

Again, thanks so much to Diane's help on this!
Ah... thatkey is for 32bit office. Did the htmlfile key work in HK_classes_root?
FYI, as mentioned above, I resolved the issue, but it keeps coming back. I believe after reboots.

Thus, I have to keep:

For .docx files, I had to add the following Binary Key to this key:


“EditFlags” REG_BINARY 00 00 01 00

For .DOC files Change


from 00 00 00 00

To: 00 00 01 00
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