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There's one company I deal with, and every time I go to open one of their emails I get a message in a small Microsoft Outlook window saying "Contacting: \\xxx-fs1\cad\xxxx\ian\outlook stationery\xxxx red.gif" (where xxxx is the name of the company) along with the 'thinking symbol' of a green bar traveling left to right. After a few seconds, the little alert window disappears and the email opens alright.
It's no more than annoying, but is there a way I can turn this off so future messages from this company open up straightaway as normal?

Diane Poremsky

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You can use a hosts file if the resources don't load, but it takes about 2 minutes to time out, so its probably better just to wait.

I've been getting mail from one company that does the same thing - and yes, it's annoying. almost enough to make me convert it to plain text.
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