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When I receive an email and I just click the email address of the person sending, it opens up the contact for the person in my system.

But sometimes it does not open up the contact even though I have the contact and sometime duplicates of the contact.

Is there away to drill down on this so when I click on the email address of the person sending me the email, it always opens up the contact?

Thanks much as usual!

This is what shows up when I click on the email address ...remember...sometimes it opens the contact and other times this is what shows up
This is what shows up when it doesn't open the contactCapture2.png
That dialog means it's not matching a contact, its getting it from the autocomplete list.

How many contacts folders do you have? Is the contact for the email address in a contact's folder that is enabled as an email address book?
So where do I review if a contact folder is enabled as an email address book? And if not, how do I enable it? And does that solve it you think?
Right click on the contacts folders and choose Properties then look on the outlook address book tab.
thanks...i did it....and it did not fix the problem......i tested regarding a contact that did not open up clicking on the email, found it in the folder it was in, and set it up as the outlook address book.....and it did not solve the problem...i also restarted outlook after i did it, and it did not solve it as well...

any other thoughts please?
Is a contact by the same name but different email address in another contacts folder?
thank you...

it is the same name and email addresss.....and all folders are set up as an outlook address book....

anything else to try?
My only idea left is to check Tools, Instant Search, Search Options - are all data files being searched?
That area is already set at All Folders.......

Give it any other thoughts?
Nope, I can't think of anything else to do.
I recently figured out that when I click on the email address from the email and the email properties opens and not the contact, then I copy the email address from the email properties, go to the contact thru the folder and replace the email address in the contact with what I copied from the email properties, then when I click on the email address from the email, the contact opens. I am told that there is corruption inside the contact and by putting in the cleaned up email, it solves the problem.

So the question is whether there is a way to clean list of contacts or a folder of the contacts so then the email address in the contact is cleaned up and I don't have to do it manually to every contact?
Assuming the address is correct in each contact is good and you just need to save it again, you could use a macro to remove the address and replace it. (Also assumes you aren't using the User1 field for anything.)

Use the macro at Bulk Move Phone Numbers to a Different Phone Field - Slipstick Systems
With objContact
If .Email1Address <> "" Then
.User1 = .Email1Address
.Email1Address = ""
.Email1Address = .User1
End If
End With

you could clear the user1 field are moving the address back.

The extra save before swapping the address back may not be needed, but if there is corruption in the file, saving the contact after removing the address may be better than just removing and replacing the address.
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