How to have Outlook 2010 Calendar when your mail server is Imap?

Hi folks,

Because I access my email on several different devices (Win 8 laptop with Outlook 2010, Android tablet and iPhone) I need a calendar that sychronises across all devices.

I've previously managed this with Calgoo but I've just upgraded to Window 8 64 bit and find that Calgoo Calendar Connect no longer allows me to sync an Outlook calendar with a Google calendar. And Google Sync is no longer available for new users unless you buy a business subscription.

Is anyone able to recommend a calendar solution that I can use in Outlook that will sync between all devices? Preferably free.

Thanks in advance,

Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Office 365 Exchange
The only two direct syncs are Exchange mailbox (as low as $4/month) or (Hotmail). Anything else needs 3rd party software.
Hi Diane, I've shared my calendar on the internet but the link will not open.

I am trying the hotmail option but it thinks I am a highjacker and is blocking my Gmail access. Grrr.
Right I've jumped through all the hoops and have enabled my gmail for pop3. This means I can now open my gmail in Outlook, and I emailed the webcal link to the gmail address. I can open that email in hotmail but the link does not open. What should happen here?

Thanks for bearing with me.
Hi again Diane, here is the issue: when I go to Calendar in Hotmail and attempt to access the calendar link invitation I have emailed to myself, I get an error saying that it's a private calendar. If I am invited to share that calendar, surely it needn't be public? If so then this is not a viable option since I really don't want my personal schedule available to the world.

Hi Diane, yes I had given access to my gmail and was able to read email there. But I also created a new Hotmail address and invited that address to subscribe to my OUtlook 2010 calendar and once again I get this message:

"It looks like this is a private calendar and you don't have permission to view it. The owner will need to make this calendar public before you can subscribe to it."

I have read at this link that can only subscribe to public calendars:


Therefore, is definitely not a viable alternative to the old gmail calendar sync.


Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange
Oh, yeah, I wasn't thinking it through. :( In Outlook you can subscribe to the calendar but online can only do public calendars.
If anyone else came here looking for a solution, I found one doing this:

Installing icloud, transferring all my personal appointments to that calendar and then opening that icloud calendar on my iphone.

Then I installed an app for $4 to sync the icloud calendar to my android tablet - it's called "smooth sync for cloud calendar".

So while not a free solution, considerably cheaper than the suggested alternatives on the interwebs that all involve Google.

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