Multiple accounts and single Calendar file (Outlook 2010, using Connector)

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Outlook 2010 64 bit
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Hi, I use Outlook 2010 64b on Win7 and Hotmail connector to connect 6 MAPI, POP and IMAP accounts. My MAPI ( eddress is my default account and I’ve configured a local PST as the data file (it is not the PST associated with the default account).

Contacts are ok – all are in 1 local PST and right-clicking on a sender and “add to Outlook Contacts” works well, ie: goes into that Contacts in the default data file/PST.

BUT, my problem is with Calendar. I get calendar invites into all my accounts and I want (when I accept them) in a single calendar, ie: the default data file/PST. How can I do this ?

Thanks, Paul.
Meeting go into the calendar associated with the mailbox - moving meetings will probably result in a message that it won't update... but that is the only way to get them on a different calendar. Sorry.
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