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Using Multiple Accounts in Outlook

Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
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I used Windows Live Mail (WLM) since Outlook Express Microsoft discontinued it (a few years ago) for my PERSONAL email. A few months ago MS broadcast an e-mail telling WLM users they needed to switch over to Windows Mail (WM) -- a pathetically poor app, not even close to as good as WLM.

Because I'm so unhappy with WM, I considered using Outlook-2010 (which I already have), but didn't like mixing my PERSONAL and BUSINESS email accounts. A freeware app called ExtraOutlook (ver. 1.2 or 1.3) allows running 2 or more separate instances of Outlook. But, I couldn't locate any site with an active download link for that app.

Then I came across Tip 825: Open multiple instances of Outlook and find that it's really easy to use Outlook-2010 (and other versions) to add additional email accounts and VIEW THEM IN SEPARATE WINDOWS! Now I don't need ExtraOutlook (and it's complexities). Thanks very much to whoever wrote this tip!!!


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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
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Exchange Server
I have the same issue as jrsilva7 does. Here is the issue:

User A - needs to be able to maintain User B's contacts and contact groups. User A has rights to see User B's contacts, but when they want to add more contacts to a group, they can't view User B's contacts - they only see their contacts.

So we thought we would just use switches and launch another instance of Outlook, but use User B's profile in the switch. We were hoping that this would allow User A to have their email open but then also have User B's email open so they could update the contacts and/or group.

Anyone have any ideas of how this can be accomplished? Right now User A goes into User B's office and updates contacts and groups. We have also found that if User A adds a contact to a group, the new contact isn't added to User B's contacts (it seems to be added to User A's contacts though).

Thank you for your assistance.