E-Mails Sent Using a Group Box Result in 70 Kickbacks

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Any e-mails I send using an Outlook group box are resulting in kickback "undeliverable" error messages from all 70 members of said Outlook group box. I use Gmail via POP/SMTP in Outlook 365. This problem has recently come back to haunt me after several months of working properly. Before that, I also had the same problem for a number of months.
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Outlook 2016 64 bit
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Does it say why its undeliverable?

when you say group box, do you mean the (newish) office groups or a distribution/contact list?

Hi Diane,

I mean the distribution/contact list. Below is an example of one of the 70 kickback e-mails I received and why they were undeliverable.

Message blocked
Your message to . . . . . . . . . . . has been blocked. See technical details below for more information
The response was:
Message rejected. See Fix bounced or rejected emails - Gmail Help for more information.

Diane Poremsky

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Well, that is an informative error message. NOT.

I'm pretty sure it's recipient count that is kicking it back. If you send a message to fewer people - maybe 5 or 10 - does it bounce?
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Well, that is an informative error message. NOT.

I'm pretty sure it's recipient count that is kicking it back. If you send a message to fewer people - maybe 5 or 10 - does it bounce?
I guess you can thank Google for that informative error message. I don't know what the breakoff number would be, but, yes, an e-mail sent to a much smaller number of recipients will go through. I've been sending e-mails to this group since 1995, mostly via Outlook, and have only started having problems with it roughly eight months ago and just now. The number of recipients has changed over the years, but I doubt it's ever been any lower than 50. I've been using Outlook in conjunction with Gmail for eight or nine years now.

Right now, I'm using a workaround. Instead of having the sender indicated as my Gmail address, I'm using my Hotmail account. I then enter my Gmail address as the recipient in the form of "Undisclosed Recipients" and then I bcc the people in the group box. I would very much prefer to use Gmail instead of Hotmail as the originating e-mail address.


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In sending mail to a group box, important of individual recipient and you need to check all recipient member before sending mail.
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