Contacts missing in imported mails

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I'm sorry for my english, I'm italian.
I have imported the messages in eml format.
the message is correct, but if I press the icon of the contact, there is no information, even the email address.


if I press Reply
the system responds not found email address


for me this is a very serious problem.
I hope to have explained the problem well.

Diane Poremsky

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This is a common issue when you import from Live Mail or OE and use Outlook's Import function. The solution is to Export from the other program, to Outlook. Or use a utility.

I have some utilities here:

Actually, according to the page above, it's a Live Mail problem - when you export from Live mail to Outlook, this can happen. It's been a while since I last tested it - I guess I'll need ot double check to see if that is a typo - I know importing from Outlook is a problem for sure.
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