Outlook 365 Outlook 2016/365 Contacts Lose Info when Favorited to the To-Do Bar

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My local OL 365 has lost the ability to link all of a Contact's information except the name in the To-Do Bar when I tag them as Favorites and display the People list in the To-Do Bar by doing the following. I right-click a contact from the list in People View and click <Add to Favorites>, then, under View, I open the To-Do Bar drop-down and check People. Then I see the Contact name in the To-Do Bar. However, when I click on the name the window that opens displays this error message: "We couldn't find a default email address, phone number, or office for this person."

I have rebuilt my index and used the online long-repair to no avail. I used to be able to right-click on the Favorited names in the To-Do Bar and then click <Edit Contact> in order to look up details or edit. Now that ability is gone. I only have one, local Contact file,

Three observations:

1. If I watch the To-Do Bar while I add a Contact with a picture to Favorites, I see the Contact's picture for a split second in the To-Do Bar circle, but then the Contact's picture is replaced with their initials. That seems very suspicious. Like OL is trying the correct file first then giving up/changing paths/files.

2. When, from the main OL window, I go to <File><Options><Search><Indexing Options> I see two entries for "Microsoft Outlook". By choosing them and clicking on <Advanced> I can see they both point to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft. My gmail OST file (copy) is there but my Contact PST file is on a different local drive. When I tried a repair by unchecking the location boxes one-at-a-time I was unable to get the desired result and in each case some Contacts could not be found. That also seems very suspicious.

3. Until I tried to "fix" this error, I had some Favorite Contacts that were still working as desired and some with the problem described. After I attempted multiple repairs I now have consistency, and all Contacts and searches are working. Just can't open a Favorited Contact from the To-Do Bar at all anymore.

Older posts about the error, "We couldn't find a default email address, phone number, or office for this person." seemed to mostly be solved by re-indexing. I am unable to get that to work.

Has the ability to Favorite a Contact and display it on the To-Do Bar with a link to the main Contact file info been deprecated? What am I missing?

Thank you for any ideas or information regarding this problem.
This is the version and build I am running when experiencing the issue above.
Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2202 Build 16.0.14931.20116) 64-bit

I've attached a screenshot of both the Summary and Detail of my indexed locations. I am wondering (and researching) why I have two entries for Microsoft Outlook, both pointing to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft
Indexed locations.jpg
You should only have one outlook - and

Have you tried rebuilding the index?
I can see they both point to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft.
That should be the indexing location. The ProgramData path is not indexed.
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