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    Outlook 365 Outlook 2016/365 Contacts Lose Info when Favorited to the To-Do Bar

    My local OL 365 has lost the ability to link all of a Contact's information except the name in the To-Do Bar when I tag them as Favorites and display the People list in the To-Do Bar by doing the following. I right-click a contact from the list in People View and click <Add to Favorites>, then...
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    Conditional Formatting in calendar part of To-Do Bar

    I created conditional formatting on my calendar to indicate whether I'm a Required Attendee (dark red) or an Optional Attendee (light red) for appointments and meetings. I was dismayed to discover that the formatting did not apply to the Calendar portion of the To-Do bar. Any suggestions on how...
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    Multiple Calendars in Outlook To-Do Bar; Office 365

    I mostly live in my Inbox with the To-Do Bar and calendar visible on the right side of the window. Both my personal and business accounts are hosted in Exchange 365 and configured in Outlook and I manage two separate calendars associated with these accounts. I administer Exchange for my...