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I'm trying to get Outlook 2016 (64bit) to work with Office 365 Exchange Server (on a Windows 7 machine).

I created a new profile and after entering my credentials in the profile setup wizard I get a pop-up asking if I want to allow auto configure to to configure the settings. I say yes, but after several minutes it times out with an error "An encrypted connection to your server is not available. Click next to try attempt an unencrypted connection". Unencrypted fails also. I also tried manually configuring it with outlook.office365.com as the server.

Connecting from a Windows 10 Computer with Outlook 365 works. So I know autodiscover and the mailbox are configured OK.

I setup a test computer with a clean install of Window 7. Did all of the windows updates and installed KB ace2016-kb5002293-fullfile-x64-glb (Which I think is the January 2023 update to Office 2016/Outlook).

Before installing the update my version of Outlook was 16.0.4266.1001 and after installing the update my version number did not change. In my googleling I think I need to have Outlook version 16.0.4600.1000 to work with Office365. I dont know why my version number wont update.

I am never getting the oAuth/Modern Authentication pop-up. I tried adding these registry settings, but still no luck

EnableADAL = 1
DisableADALatopWAMOverride = 0
Version = 1

AlwaysUseMSOAuthForAutoDiscover =1

Any ideas?
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