Trying to extract information between two symbols from outlook subject

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
I am trying to pull text between two symbols:

S1 | STAR2449524 | XYZ Bank | 1 - Critical |Health Service Heartbeat Failure.

I need to extract

| XYZ Bank |

Which is between 2'nd appearance of symbol and place it in my template where variable name is COMP1 |

This is my code

S1 | ICM21449524 | XYZ Bank | P1 - Critical |Health Service Heartbeat Failure.

Sub Reply_Test()

Dim origEmail As MailItem

Dim replyEmail As MailItem

Dim oRespond As Outlook.MailItem

Dim INC1 As String 'For Incident Number

Dim INo As Integer 'For Incident Number

Dim COMP1 As String 'For Company Name

Dim Com As Integer 'For Company Name

Dim ISSU1 As String ' For Issue

Dim Isu As Integer 'for Issue

Dim varSplit As Variant

'Dim msginfo As msg.Subject (Tried using not worked)

varSplit = Split("New incident |S1 | ICM1449524 | XYZ Bank | P1 - Critical |Health Service Heartbeat Failure.", "|")

'varSplit = Split(msginfo, "|") (Tried using not worked)

strSubject1 = varSplit(0)
strSubject2 = varSplit(1)
strSubject3 = varSplit(2)
strSubject4 = varSplit(3)
strSubject5 = varSplit(4)

Set origEmail = Application.ActiveWindow.Selection.Item(1)

Set replyEmail = Application.CreateItemFromTemplate("H:\Documents\CLOSED P1.oft")

replyEmail.To = origEmail.Reply.To

replyEmail.CC = ""

replyEmail.HTMLBody = replyEmail.HTMLBody & origEmail.Reply.HTMLBody

replyEmail.Subject = replyEmail.Subject & origEmail.Reply.Subject

replyEmail.Subject = " <P1> - " & strSubject2 & " " & "For" & " " & strSubject3


End Sub

This is a working code. But I get emails frequently with a different subject line but pattern resembles. So whenever I get an email I need to forward with the unique subject (<S1> ICM# for XYZ Bank). So my concern is I need to assign a variable to my subject and splitting it using split function every time. Above code, I am not able to assign the variable to subject which will enable me to use the same code for every email.
so if the subject has icm#, it needs forwarded?
try using this IF ICM is always capped.
if instr(1,origEmail.subject,"ICM#") > 0 then

if it might be lowercase sometimes, use
if instr(1,lcase(origEmail.subject),"icm#") > 0 then

(if you fully automated this using a rule, the rule could check for the subject then trigger the macro. )
Thank you, Diane. My requirement is I get an email with a subject which has a pipe "|". So I need to split that into parts and respond to an email with the template attached to it. So My template will have ICM#, Company name, and issue. So when I split the subject into parts using the split function it will automatically assign parts with a sequence. So it would be easy for me to call the same on my subject by replacing some of the text on my default template using replace function. Hope this clears the doubt.
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