Trying to move my Business Contact Manager ver. 2003 to BCM ver. 2010

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Yeah, it looks like it was lost. Sorry about that. :(

Based on the subject... backup the 2003 DB, uninstall 2003 and install BCM 2010 (the full file compatibility pack that support 2013) and restore the db.


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Here is the post that got lost:

I’m running all of this under XP Pro SP3.

I am trying to move my Business Contact Manager ver. 2003 to Business Contact Manager ver. 2010.

I have gone to

and followed the instructions.

In BCM 2003, I went to Business Tools > Manage Database and ran Check for Errors 1st then ran Backup Database.

Then I transferred the backup file to the machine with BCM 2010.

In BCM 2010, I went to File-> Business Contact Manager-> BackUp and Restore.

Selected Restore , it told me I have to “migrate” from version 2.0.3606.0 to version 4.0.9812.0

Clicked “OK” and after a while I get the “Database Migration Unsuccessful” message.

The “How-To-Outlook” site doesn’t address this error.

Now what do I do?????????

As info, I believe using the Export / Import features destroys the “Creation Date” in the BCM records. By “Destroys” I mean it sets the Creation Date to the date of the Import.

Keeping the Creation Date intact is very important to me as it allows me to select records based on when they were added.

Oddly, Creation Date is not one of the fields that are preserved in one of the “backup” methods and I think it’s the Export / Import one.

Modification Date is preserved but it changes whenever you “touch” a record. For example, if you correct a typo or update an address the Modification Date is updated.

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I'm thinking it's because you are 2 versions apart, but that is just a wild guess. I don't think i have a bcm 2003 db to test upgrading to disprove my theory. I wonder if copying the db over and mounting it would make a difference - BCM will still need to upgrade it. I'm not sure at what point during the restore that the conversion is made.

See if anything here helps -

Yeah, the created date is likely set to the import date - that is a common problem with outlook. Backup and restore should retain it, if you can get it working.
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