Trying to check for the absence of mail.

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Lucas Lichte

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I'm trying to check for the absence of an email in a folder. I have a bot sending to this folder every 15 minutes. I want to check every 30 minutes to see if I've gotten an email in the last 30 minutes, and if I haven't, pop up a message box. The problem I'm running into is that I can't figure out how VBA for Outlook does Dates, and I can't find a reference.

The called Macro I'm trying to write is:

Sub Check_GWAAR()
Dim myOlItems As Object
Dim compareDate As Date
Dim sentDate As Date
Set myOlItems = Outlook.Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox).Folders("Test@GWAAR").Items
Set compareDate = DateAdd("m", -30, Now)
Set sentDate = myOlItems.Items(1).ReceivedTime
If sentDate < compareDate Then MsgBox ("Check the GWAAR Test VM!")
End Sub

It's telling me that the variables need to be set to objects. When I set them to objects, it tells me the Set statements don't evaluate to objects.


Diane Poremsky

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Try searching for something like VBA date format excel - there are a lot of samples for Excel and most date functions work the same. Even VB date stuff is the same. has a chart of codes.

This is months:
Set compareDate = DateAdd("m", -30, Now)

I think i would use

correction: you need to use decimals / fraction of a day when using time or now - 24 hours = 1.
if olItem.recievedtime > now - .03 then
msgbox "It didn't arrive"
end if

Maybe like this: (i did not test it)

Public Sub CheckMail()
  Dim objNS As NameSpace
  Dim objFolder As MAPIFolder
  Dim olItem As MailItem, olItems As Items
  Set objNS = GetNamespace("MAPI")
  Set objFolder = objNS.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox)
  Set olItems = objFolder.Items
  olItems.Sort "ReceivedTime", True
  Set olItem = olItems.Item(1)
'do whatever
  If olItem.ReceivedTime < Now - 0.02 Then
  MsgBox olItem.subject & " It didn't arrive"
  End If
End Sub

What are you using as a timer? You can run it when a reminder fires:
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