Any 3rd party tool that sync (mirror) from Outlook Contacts to Google Contacts?


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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange
Operating system::    Windows 10 x64
Outlook version:     Microsoft 365
Email type or host:    Exchange

In the past I used Outlook4Gmail (paid version) to sync Outlook Contacts with Google Contacts. It stopped working with some cryptic error.
Like many other tools it has not been updated for years. Hence I started searching for other 3rd party tools but did not find one. SOme are outdated, other do not work (starting off with errors). GO Contact Synch Mod, outdated. Outlook CalDav Synchronizer, complicated. Companionlink, cud not get it working and was left with questions and questions and so on. Others are too expensive for 1x or 2x update per year, or are subscription-based, or designed for business use.
It is frustrating and the only reliable way is to just manually keep Outlook and Google contacts uptodate separately.

Am using Microsoft 365 and my account is on exchange basis.

Note, I also tried to export the existing Google Accounts to CSV, so I would have the right format to import data (from Outlook)
However, unlike Outlook Google messes up the columns putting data in different columns and rows.

So I left that idea.

Above being the background of my question.

Maybe someone here has experience with a tool that actually works...

Thank you. In fact I did, in April somewhere.
gSyncit started out with some cryptic error, a long page with errors, when expanding (click on Details)
So, I let it rest at the time. Am not keen on trying to fix errors caused by programs, right from the start. Hence went on seeking for alternatives. In vain though.

Anyway, I just gave it a try again. It installed well and launched without error.
Managed to create sync rules and even that worked out.
Noticed it does not 'mirror', meaning that Gmail contacts to read exactly the same as those in Outlook.
In my case, it resulted in different number of contacts: Outlook +2 extra in my Gmail and Outlook +3 extra in my Wife's Gmail. Had to export all to .csv, import them all into Excel where I could find the differences.

Fixed those. All in order now.

(I know, one can probably delete all contacts within Google Contacts first, before synchronizing. I've suggested this to Fieldstone Software as a new option)

Thanks again!

SnagIt-15062024 060952.png
Do you have any idea why the sync numbers didn't match?
I think she simply let someone else add those phonenumbers a while ago. People from her bridgeclub.
She didn't tell, so I got puzzled about the 'differences'. Updated Outlook accordingly.

My wife wouldn't know how to add contacts. Like many she is a 'tap on a button and things should work'-type and is getting nervous when facing a cookies pop-up. So: phone, what's app, Gmail, that's roughly about it for her.

Anyway, matter solved.
(for the time being).

BTW: I think, repeat think.... I recently visited a site explaining how to get rid of hard returns in Outlook message body(?)
Meaning to remove all the CRLF in the message field (info) of a calendar event.
Spent an hour searching, also thru my Edge history, thru screenshots whatever...
Something like a tiny dot in the search field...
I don't know.
Is it possible? Do you know?
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