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All this cloud backup is starting to get costly. I use Intronis (now Barracuda) for backing up Windows server, but its too expensive for my nas or even frequent image backups. I'm going to try Cloudberry and Amazon S3 or Glacier for those. I used Glacier via Cloud Berry now for my nas and I've restored files several times without a problem.

Cloudberry also has an app to backup Office 365 cloud data. Anyone use it or similar ones? The built in archiving and retention is not so good at searching.
Yeah, backing up TB of online data is expensive. Are you restoring backups because you needed to recover data or just to see if they worked?

This is an Office 365 Business/Enterprise account? I'm not sure I'd bother backing up what is already on the cloud. You can set SharePoint to keep versions and keep deleted items (and recover deleted items) for 30 days or more. You can set policies so nothing can be deleted from Outlook. If you use OneDrive for business, users can have TB of their own data.

We backup local data - SQL / MySQL databases, web sites, document folders, etc, but not the entire drive or even other folders, like downloads. Email is in Office 365 Exchange Online, we don't back that up. We don't backup onedrive (consumer or business). We keep 10 days of routine backups + most out of band SQL/MySQL backups.
This is Office 365 E3. Does the Sharepoint versioning cover all Office 365 items? How hard to find something to restore?

My impression is that even litigation hold doesn't retain contacts, personal or public. And if it does, you would have to restore contact by contact if you deleted an entire contacts folder.

OneNote versioning seems pretty good. Haven't tried fat finger deleting and trying to recover yet.
Please elaborate on "You can set SharePoint to keep versions and keep deleted items (and recover deleted items) for 30 days or more."
I missed this message earlier (spammers are good for something :)). Versioning is enabled by default in sharepoint. You need to log into sharepoint document library in a browser to access the versions.

this computer doesn't have my "click stamps" in snagit, but you'll click or right click on the 3 dots to open the dialogs or menus to access versions.

I see the versioning for OneNote and Sharepoint. I don't see it for Contacts or Calendar. The Cloudberry Office 365 backup to your own Amazon S3 or Azure etc. is pretty reasonably priced. Easy enough to find items and restore them.
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