"Online mode with Exchange server" vs "online"

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I have an issue with vba code when i use .getConversation.GetTable

If we are in mode "Online with Exchange server" or ""Connected to Microsoft Exchange" it's ok

But if we are just "Online" (when it's an Additional Mailbox), it's KO there is no line in the table.

additionnal Mailbox but "download shared folders" is uncheck

If i add an account for this mailbox , it's ok the mode is "Online with Exchange server"

What's the difference between "Online with Exchange server" and "online"
and why this code not get the same result ?

My code
Private Sub Test_Conversation()

    Dim oMail As Outlook.MailItem
    ' Obtain the current item for the active inspector.
    Set oMail = Application.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
    Debug.Print "Email =" & oMail.subject
    Debug.Print "oMail class=" & oMail.Class
    MsgBox oMail.subject
    Dim oConv As Outlook.Conversation
    Dim oTable As Outlook.Table
    Dim oRow As Outlook.Row
    Dim oItem As Outlook.MailItem
    Const PR_STORE_ENTRYID As String = _

    'On Error Resume Next
    Debug.Print "oMail Is Nothing=" & (oMail Is Nothing)
    If Not (oMail Is Nothing) Then
        ' Obtain the Conversation object.
        Set oConv = oMail.GetConversation
        On Error Resume Next
        Debug.Print oConv.ConversationID
        On Error GoTo 0
        Debug.Print "oConv Is Nothing=" & (oConv Is Nothing)
        If Not (oConv Is Nothing) Then
        Set RootItems = oConv.GetRootItems
            Set oTable = oConv.GetTable
            Debug.Print "#1# nb de mail de la conversation=" & vbTab & oTable.GetRowCount
            oTable.Columns.add (PR_STORE_ENTRYID)
            Debug.Print "#2# nb de mail de la conversation=" & vbTab & oTable.GetRowCount
            Do Until oTable.EndOfTable
                Set oRow = oTable.GetNextRow
                ' Use EntryID and StoreID to open the item.
                Set oItem = Application.Session.GetItemFromID( _
                            oRow("EntryID"), _
                Debug.Print oItem.EntryID & vbTab & oItem.subject & vbTab & oItem.ReceivedTime
            Debug.Print "pas une conversation"
        End If
    End If
End Sub
Conversations don't work correctly in shared mailboxes or shared folders and only the conversations in the current folder are shown (and it uses the subject to identify the conversation, not the conversation id).

I believe the differences better Online, and online with exchange is that online is not cached into it's own data file.
Hi Diane,
Thank you for your response.
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