Outlook won't run except in Safe mode problem

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Russ Smith

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User is unable to launch Outlook normally. It works fine if it runs in Safe mode, by holding Ctrl when double-clicking the Outlook icon and responding to the prompts. Otherwise, it shows the splash screen forever.

I tried running scanpst.exe on a copy of his PST file, and it indicated that errors were found. It tried to correct them, but still complained of errors on a subsequent scan. I created a new PST and manually copied over all the items. It still did not work, and scanpst said it found minor errors. Subsequently, it complained of errors just like it had in the first instance.

I tried disabling add-ins, but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

At this point what should I do? Do I create another Outlook account for the same user and if so, how do I copy over the emails in a way that won't just copy over the errors too? Should I run the built in repair tool on Outlook (control panel, programs, change, repair)? Someone else worked on it last night that's much smarter than I am and he can't get it to work except in Safe mode. That implies to me the problem is really Outlook not the PST file but I don't know. Trying to avoid losing all the emails.

Russ Smith
To update, I ran the repair tool from Control Panel, it ran for several minutes and the net result is nothign is fixed. It's Outlook 2013 and same thing it says starting but doesn't actually start, user said sometimes after about 10 minutes it actually will start, but the only way to get it to start immediately is open it in safemode, it works fine in safemode, not in regular mode, what should I do now, create a second outlook profile?
If it starts fine in safe mode, it's not Outlook, but one of the Addins. Do you have any anti virus Addin installed? Those often need to be completely deinstalled, then installed without Outlook integration. Simply disabling these Addins doesn't have the effect you want.

As to the errors found by scanpst, you need to run it until it doesn't find errors anymore. However, this most likely has nothing to do with that Outlook doesn't start.
Michael thanks for the reply I will look into that today. I'm suspicious though because the user is reporting that this started after updates ran, I don't know if he means Windows updates, or Office Updates. I do know we had another user who installed office updates recently and it totally screwed up his word and excel, we had to restore to a point before the update to fix it. I know they already tried the add ins but they probably just disabled them not uninstalled so we'll try that today.
My money is on one of the addins, especially because of continuing errors even with a new pst - but it could also be a support file, like .SRS (send and receive settings) or some corruption in the data file. As an FYI, always run scanpst 3 times.

What addins are installed? Does the user sync with a smartphone?
Thanks Diane. I'm actually not sure on the addins they had already worked on that before I got involved but I'll see what I can find out today. it does make sense, it works in safemode because the addins aren't loaded. We don't have Exchange just plain old outlook, and he's not synching to a smart phone. It's just the timing is suspicious after an update.
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