Outlook won't open. PST file busy.

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 64 bit
Email Account
Hello - I'm stuck.

User sees intermittent (but all to often) error stating Outlook 2013 unable to open. PST file is in use. User can restart the laptop numerous times without this problem stopping. I've run scanpst upon ocassion, without success. Just read that Diane suggests running it three times, which I'll do. Any other suggestions?

OS: Windows 8.1
Sync: Android Sync
A/V: Bitdefender 2015 Total Security
Inbound: IMAP

Did you try a new profile? I had a client this morning that kept getting errors about the pst file in use and it went away when we made a new profile. She only had 1 email account (gmail imap) in her profile, so it wasn't painful to recreate.
Hi Diane, thank you for replying. I have in the past, but the problem returns. What I didn't know is that I had to run SCANPST multiple times before a PST file might be repaired. I had to run it 6 times before it came back and reported things were ok. No complaints today, so we'll see. I did learn today that sometimes the client forces a shutdown because no program is displayed as being open. I explained to him that just because he doesn't see the program open, doesn't mean the file has been closed. I pointed out that being we're typically talking only @15 seconds, it would be wiser to just let the computer shut down on its own. So, perhaps that was the issue.
I did learn today that sometimes the client forces a shutdown because no program is displayed as being open.
Well, that will cause corruption. There should be a gray outlook icon in the tray when it's still shutting down.
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