Cannot drag and drop or create folder in PST file folders

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Chris Butler-Howard

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Outlook 2013 32 bit
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Hi all,

We've got an issue where we cannot drag and drop emails into a PST file's folders.

The folders were created from an old OST file, and have been copied into a PST file with an account that uses POP to retrieve mail.

When you try to drag and drop an email into any of these folders you receive a black circle with a line through it, the sign that it cannot be done.

You can right click the email and choose to Move it to the folder, and this works successfully, but you cannot drag and drop.

Hitting 'Esc' does not work as many forums recommend, and other folders that are created under the Inbox work correctly. You also cannot create new folders under any of the problem folders - no error message is specified, but they just do not appear.

There don't appear to be many configurable folder properties I can check, so any assistance greatly appreciated.

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