Outlook 2016 Outlook Error Msg "The operation cannot be performed ..." How to Stop it


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Quite often I go to move an email to another folder and Outlook comes up with the following error,
"The operation cannot be performed because the message has been changed", quite often this error happens when I select a message and try to Move it to another folder. This morning I had a message in the spam folder which needed me to click a hyperlink, Outlook told me to move it to the Inbox so the hyperlink would be enabled, it then gives me an error for trying to move the message.

I have included a copy of the error message attached. How can I disable this event from happening. I don't use Outlook for anything other than emails, that's it.



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Outlook 2016 64 bit
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Yes it is my Gmail account coming into Outlook, so yes it is IMAP. So the idea is to shift the focus from the email in question and then move it.
Thanks Diane I shall try that out on the next situation.


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Outlook 2016 64 bit
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Are you getting this in an IMAP account? It's "normal" behavior with most IMAP servers = outlook doesn't detect that the changes (marked read etc) synced back to the server. You need to click off of the item then can move it.
Thanks Diane, you are right, when I de-select the email I can then move it to where I want. Thank you for the solution. Obviously it would be nice if it didn't do it at all, but that is the price of Outlook it seems.
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