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I"m new to the forum and this is my first question. Does anybody know if it is possible to customize error messages in Outlook? In our Exchange 2013 Server/Outlook 2013/2007 environment we have the following GPO setting applied:
User configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Classic Administrative Templates\Microosoft Office Outlook 2007\Miscellaneous\PST Settings=> Prevent users from adding new content to existing PST files.

For the Outlook user this prevents him/her from transferring items into their PST folder. If the user tries to do so, then the following error message is displayed:

"Cannot move the items. you don't have appropriate permission to perform this operation"

Is there a method by which this error message be customized? (that means to personalize the wording of the message to suit our organizaton)

Many thanks in advance
Hello Diane

Many thanks for your quick reply, I really do appreciate it.
Just another quick question; within the same GPO there is a setting for "Customizable Error Messages" in Outlook. The path is User configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Classic Administrative Templates\Microsoft Office Outlook 2007\Customizable error messages

Can you please tell me what this setting relates to?

PS - Excellent forum, a real wealth of resources!
Every Office error has a unique error code and you can create a Customizable Error Message that cross-references error codes with your customized text. I haven't looked at it in years, so maybe they changed it, but in older versions, you could add a url that linked to your own help pages, similar to how some errors link to more information on the web. You couldn't change the main text of the message.

I'm not in my office right now and my tablet doesn't have the templates installed, but I'll take a look at and see if its done differently now.
OK Many thanks. It would be interesting to see of this particular error has a certain error code attached to it or not.
All errors *should* have a code linked to them and I understand each code is unique.
Ah ok. Does there happen to be an error code for this message "Cannot move the items. you don't have appropriate permission to perform this operation"....?
Trigger the error then look in the Event viewer. The code would be there if one is generated.
Nothing in the log after event was triggered. I guess it doesnt have a code.....
I think I can consider it case closed for now
Many thanks.for you help on this.
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