Outlook 365 Bad experience with KernelAPPS PST Repair program


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  1. Windows
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Outlook 365 64 bit
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Operating system::    Windows 10 Pro, 2H22
Outlook version:     Office 365
Email type or host:    IMAP

I’m very disappointed in this product. I have 5 PST files that needed cleanup. Of these, this program failed to complete the recovery/repair process on 2 PST files. I looked at the 3 PST files that were recovered, and they were a mess. Lots of emails that were either deleted or moved showed up in a folder. Over 300. I would have to go through all these emails to determine if I need to save them (in a different folder) or just delete them.

As a result I have to revert back to the previously unprocessed versions of the 3 PST files. Plus, from the repaired PST files, which are up to date, I have to select and save all the message from the recovery date to the present. And refile many of them. Pure waste of time.

Also, despite my careful attempts, there were a lot of deleted messages and folders recovered. Based on these results, I have deleted this product from my system, Also I have asked the vendor for a refund.