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I have noticed the majority of Outlook 365 folders appear as (This computer only).
What can I do to resolve this?
That is not uncommon with IMAP accounts - it generally means they did not sync up. Check the account in webmail and rename any folders that did sync up.

My recommendation is close Outlook, rename the IMAP data file at %localappdata%\microsoft\outlook. Restart Outlook then open the original pst file in Outlook. If you need old mail on the server, move or copy just those messages, creating the folder in the IMAP account and move mail into it - not moving the entire folder.
Diane, I have renamed the IMAP data file, restart Outlook.
I am able to create an Inbox subfolder and it syncs to the server.
However, unable to copy messages from PST to above folder.
I have found the Move > Copy to folder option to copy messages to IMAP folder.
Not that you're going to get a lot of help on here but post back if you wish and let me know how you do with this. The help you get from Microsoft could be helpful for those of us who are begging for assistance on such a problem as you ran into.
Hello Rupert, I have discussed with Microsoft Support and led them thru the import setup and steps.
However, they do not have any idea on how to resolve.
Just another mystery that takes the user several hours to manually import folders/mail into Outlook IMAP.
After much research and testing, I have located a utility that helps to resolve the Outlook 365 "This computer only" headache.
Using Outlook 365 to import a PST into an IMAP account had resulted in many folders with "This computer only", thereby preventing the folder from syncing with the server.
The only method to "fix" this was to manually create new folders and copy the mail into that folder.
So now, rather than importing into Outlook 365, I import the PST directly into the server IMAP account using "Outlook Forensics Wizard".
The server IMAP account is then accessed using Webmail to finalize folder configuration and subscription.
Please review this utility at 4n6 Software Outlook Forensics Wizard to Analyze Outlook PST / OST Email Messages - 4n6
If you have any questions, please get in touch.
Good morning. I recently changed all my email accounts in Outlook 365 from POP (all emails were associated with my one Outlook.pst file) to IMAP, where each email account has its own OST file. I left my calendar and contacts in the outlook.pst file, which has ONLY the calendar and contacts, but no email.

Now, I would like to move my calendar and contacts from the stand-alone, email-less, pst file to my primary IMAP email account. I have already saved the calendar as an ICS file in my documents.

When I go back to Outlook 365 and select File > Import and Export Wizard, and select IMPORT AN iCalendar (.ics)..., it allows me to select the ics file I exports (in paragraph above), but then I am prompted "Do you want to open this calendar as a new calendar or import its items into your calendar?" with the button selections of "Open as New" "Import" or "Cancel."

I am not being presented with a choice of which OST file into which the calendar should be imported. Since I have many OST files, how can I know into which OST file the calendar will be imported?

Please note that I do NOT want to sync my calendar through an exchange service, or have it appear on the internet. I am perfectly happy to have it sit as "this computer only." But I want it associated with my primary email account so that when invitations are sent to me at that primary email account, my acknowledgments (accept, decline, tentative, etc.) come from the proper email address, and when I do accept, it appears on the proper calendar.

Can you help>
Hi Matt,

Recommend that you continue to use the .pst file you have which has calendar and contacts.
IMAP "This computer only" will not provide the ability to properly handle calendar and contacts.
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Hi Matt,

Recommend that you continue to use the .pst file you have which has calendar and contacts.
IMAP "This computer only" will not provide the ability to properly handle calendar and contacts.
Correct. If anything happens to the IMAP data file you'll lose all the contacts and appointments unless you exported those folders before the ost went away.
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