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For a special reason (long story) I have created a separate empty .pst file. This pst-file is not used for mailing purposes.

I have an Excel file containing names and phonenumbers, in this format:



LastName, Firstname

+12 (3) 4567890

Exporting to .csv creates rows reading like this

LastName, FirstName;+12 (3) 4567890

i.e. semicolon separator.

Importing into Outlook won't work as comma separators should be used.

Obviously, when changing the semicolon into a comma it messes things up.

Actually two fields were displayed

1st) LastName, FirstName, Phone

2nd) FIELD

My workaround is

1. In Excel - to remove the comma's in the names

2. Export to CSV

3. Use an editor

4. replace semicolons into comma's

5. then import into Outlook - assigning fields etc., all went fine.

The .pst looks how I actually wanted it, so, bottomline it is okay.

But I wonder, although it worked out fine, it seems to me that this 'workaround' isn't really the correct method.

(Outlook/Excel 2013)


Better would be separate first and last name fields, but saving as a CSV from Excel should wrap the names in quotes

"last, first", "phone" (assuming first, last are in one cell).

However - this sounds like the fields are goofy:

Actually two fields were displayed
1st) LastName, FirstName, Phone
2nd) FIELD

You should be able to open the CSV in Excel and if the name and phone are in one cell, use Text to Columns (Data tab) to split them into 2 or 3 columns. Fix the column names and save as CSV then import into Outlook.
Hello to you,

Many thanks.

I now have created a new Excelsheet with format






+12 (3) 4567890

I think there is a bit of confusion on the number format, i.e. whether it should be



+001234567890 (intl)

Yes, I have seen/read

Anyway, will try both out

+12 (3) 4567890



Thanks again.

Better would be separate first and last name fields, but saving as a CSV from Excel should wrap the names in quotes

"last, first", "phone" (assuming first, last are in one cell).


tried that.

After export to csv I get

1st field: Name: Lastname, Firstname

2nd field: Phone: +1234567890

semicolon separated.

no quotes.

no luck.

If you open in Notepad, the contents of one cell are not wrapped in double quotes? If so, it would be better to use 3 cells, for first, last and phone.
No quotes, I am looking at it using a fileviewer.

below with data in both 2 and 3 cells, the semicolon being the field separator.

Excel-CSV-output-separators-05112013 141149.png





Aw... that is helpful. The problem is related to the language settings and characters those languages use. I should have picked up on it when i saw the number format. Sorry.

I don't know if Excel has a list separator setting (there isn't one in save as), but there is one in Control panel, Region (or Regional and Language), Additional Settings. Is it set on semicolon or comma? Theoretically, Outlook should use whatever is set here.
Thanks for the tip. I wouldn't expect the separator settings there. With me, it is set to semicolon. I am afraid, when I were to change that to comma, the output would then be

Excel Name-field: Name, FirstName,

Excel Phone: +1234567890

Importing into Outlook, I have two choices:


> pst file

The comma after Name above obviously will 'split' the stuff in 3

1. Name

2. FirstName

3. Phone

and I cannot link 1+2 to just Name in Outlook.

Tfore I am afraid the only 'solution' (=workaround) is to have a different separator (e.g. a space, or a '-')

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