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Peter Arnold

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I have a thunderbird email account that I use purely for important emails from a charity I am very involved with. In order to keep in contact when I am out of the country I imported the account to outlook as there is no thunderbird app for the ipad. The inbox was imported but will not show my emails and on checking the setting the import can only be used to SEND messages and not receive messages which completely defeats the object for importing into outlook.
I am not sure if this is a thunderbird or outlook problem so will also forum this message to both.
If anyone has had the same problem or knows how to reset the account to also receive messages please reply. Or better still if anyone knows how to get my thunderbird email to operate with my Apple ipad again please reply with details.
Thank you to anyone who can assist me with this problem.


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Outlook 2016 for Mac
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I don't have the exact idea you can Just connect Thunderbird to a webmail account with the IMAP protocol activated, and then connect iPad's Mail program the same way and your email will sync between the two using the webmail.
1. now Click "File,"
2. then "New,"
3.then finally "Mail Account.
" The new account window appears.

ben jonson

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I guess there is no official method to transfer emails from Thunderbird to Outlook 2019. However you can try any third-party software which help you to export emails . As per experts suggestions you can try KDEtools THUNDERBIRD to OUTLOOK converter. All you have to do is export Mozilla Thunderbird emails to MBOX file. So that you can convert THUNDERBIRD MBOX files to PST file (Mailbox database supported format of Outlook). After that you can simply import PST to Outlook 2019.
The above solution is not the official one but has been tried by hundereds of users. Alas! Shift from Thunderbird to Outlook 2019 now and experience the mailing services with advanced features.
Click Here to Download :- Thunderbird to Outlook Converter to Export Thunderbird to PST Outlook 2019

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