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This is my 1st post to this forum. My Outlook is part of Office 2003.

I set up a new Outlook account and tried to import my mail/addresses/settings from OE6. Mind you, my INbox in OE6 is fairly large (1,176,730). The e-mail messages run from Feb. 2007 to present.

The import went like this:

The main INbox imported from Feb. 2007 thru May 2008, then ceased. All the INbox folders then imported, as well as the entire address book. The OE6 Sent folder was just north of 2GB (2,097,149) but all it it imported just fine!

Why did the INbox import choke when only about 1/4 completed ? :(
Yes. As I said, it was an e-mail dated 05/09/08 from a friend. The next one woud have been 05/12/08 and there was nothing remarkable about that one (and no attachment).
if you move the items that were imported into a new folder in OE and try exporting the inbox again, do more items import?

you could also try one of the applications at the top of this page, but there are not free. They generally do a better job though and may be worth the cost.
Not sure what you mean by:

if you move the items that were imported into a new folder in OE and try exporting the inbox again, do more items import?

I'm not exportnig from OE6, I'm trying to import the OE6 mail TO Outlook. As I said, all the INbox folders import fine, as well as the Sent folder. The basic inbox imports about 30% and ends at 05/09/08.

It almost sounds like you're suggesting to move my OE6 INbox mail to new folder and then attempt the import to see if for some crazy reason all the mail pieces come along. Is this what you're sayingl

Have you ever heard of any problem like mine, where a folder imports to a point and "aborts"? Misery loves company ...
Exporting from OE to Outlook rather than using Outlook's Import command is recommended. It seems to work better. I've seem a few issues where the import doesn't get everything but its rare.

To avoid duplicates, you can move the mail you exported already then try again with the mail left behind.
Thanks for your clarification, Diane.

Before I attempt an export from OE6 to Outlook, I'd like to know how this works. Specifically, how can I be sure that, in the export process, it directs the mail to Outlook, and in particular, to a particular Outlook e-mail account?

Speaking of that, as I mentioned, I created a 2nd account in Outlook, using the e-mail address I had in OE6 (1st address is my business account). Something very strange just happened: 2 e-mails directed to the personal account (OE6) were picked up by the Outlook business account. I say "strange" b/c the 1st account clearly has associated a different address! How did/could this happen?
While awaiting reply, I went ahead and created a fresh account in Outlook, this time using a new profile. (BTW, I think I discovered my earlier problem about mis-routing of email to the Outlook account. I went into my initial Outlook account and created another account there. While the initial one was labeled "default", it was accepting mail coming to the initial one, even though it was set up w/ a different e-mail address. Crazy. I removed that account and the associated pst file.)

So once I set up the new account "from the outside" (using a different profile), I closed it and opened OE6. I did an export and in pretty short order, it found the new Outlook account. I executed the export and it took some time to complete. When it was done, I went into the new Outlook account to see what mail was there. Unfortunately, it had the very same result:

All the Inbox folders were exported but, of the main Inbox e-mail, it only exported from the oldest up to 05/09/08 (about 30%). All the Sent items were exported fine.

Any new thoughts?
Any idea how many messages are in the Inbox folder? It shouldn't matter in Outlook 2003 as long as you are using the new Unicode format but the old ANSI format is limited to the number of messages per folder as well as maximum folder side. If you let outlook create the folders, it should be Unicode format.

Otherwise, my best guess is that it is either a corrupt message or corrupt inbox.dbx file.
I appreciate your help, Diane. As to your question, I can tell you that I have 1764 messages in my OE6 INbox.

Not sure how to check whether the format is Unicode. Were you referring to OE6 or Outlook?

I have a somewhat dated backup INbox.dbx file. I may try to load that and see if it exports better.

I loaded a backup (08/06/12) INbox.dbx file (1626 messages). I exported it to the new Outlook account. Of course, it created duplicates but I noted that it, too, stopped precisely at 05/09/08, just like as with the current Inbox.dbx file!

So I discount the theory that my current dbx file is corrupt. There's something funny that is causing it to limit at this point.

To be precise, I'm able to import or export exactly 268 items of 1764 items, which is a scant 15%.

This is crazy.
it's definitely not the file size with only 1600 items. (If you had over 16,000 messages it could be a factor.)

Open OE and move the messages for that date, move the messages from the day before and the day after (just to make sure the problem message is gone) to another folder and try the import again.
OK. Firstly, fwiw, I checked my Outlook format and it's Unicode (Personal Folders File).

As to the other exercise, while not a lot of e-mails, I removed them from several days before the halting point to several days after the halting point, and the result is the same. BooHoo.
Yeah, I figured it was Unicode, but with only 1600 messages, that is not the problem.

I have no idea why its hanging at that point or if a utility would be able to extract the message.
Well, thanks anyway, Diane. You gave it hell ...

I may peruse that article you linked to - maybe see if ePreserver or something can help.
Problem Identified & Resolved !!

His is mainly for Diane, who tried so much to help me on this problem. Of course, it's very difficult for anyone to help another person from far away, especially not being close to the details,etc. Having identified the source of the problem, I wanted to post back as a contribution (however small).

Firstly, as to the direction Diane last sent me in. As I was having trouble importing/exporting OE6 e-mail messages, Diane questioned whether "a utility would be able to extract the message." I explored that and came up with this:

1) If the problem is one of failure to read and recover messages for export to Outlook, a tool like OERecoveryToolbox ($27) might be the ticket. This reads and recovers messages and allows export of messages (as *.eml) to a store folder. So how, thenn to get these into Outlook?

2) To name only two, utilities such as Outlook Import Wizard or EML to PST Converter (bother for ~$25) are necessary to port the (*.eml) messages into Outlook.

This seemed like a tall order and I didn't really know whether part of my OE6 Inbox.dbx was corrupted, and if so, whether something like OERecoveryToolbox (Step 1) would even help.

As a review, my OE6 Inbox contained 1764 e-mails mails running from 02/28/07 to the present. Imports (from Outlook) or Exports (from OE6) proceeded only to 05/09/08 (268 items; only 15%). I also tried moving e-mails from several days just before to just after the "choke" point, but no cigar: the same failure occurred.

If one goes into the Inbox and highlights mail pieces, one can "drag" them to a store folder and *.eml copies of the mail pieces will be created. This produced a similar failure: the process created 1463 eml files (1463 items were copied). Hmmm...

So then I got into diagnostic mode and attempted a piecemeal approach to the problem: I decided to create *.eml files as described above a year at a time, noting in each time block how many eml files copied. I highlighted 2007 and dragged them over; this produced 190 files. I did the same thing for 2008. During this process, I got a strange Windows copy error message (see attached). the message was confusing - almost like it didn't like the name of my story folder (\OE6 Inbox). I noticed this error message didn't appear for subsequent years (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013). So I decided the trouble somehow seemed to be among the 2008 e-mails. I emptied the store folder and went to the last e-mail before the "choke point" (05/09/08). This e-mail copied to the store folder just fine. I went to the next one (05/12/08 and tried to slide it over to the store folder. The aforementioned copy error appeared! I went to teh next one and tried the same thing; same result. This went on for several e-mails in this time series. Finally, I decided to open one of the problematic e-mails and I got another error message from OE (see attached): Message could not be displayed. This of itself was not necessarily a problem in my mind. I had seen this message trigger from e-mails gathered in an OE search, especially when lots of memory-hog apps were opened (and therefore RAM was being consumed). So I shut everything down and re-booted. I went into the OE6 Inbox and tried to open one of these e-mails. Same error message. Ah-hah! I thought I was onto something.

I stepped through this series, getting the same result (Message could not be displayed). This went on until I reach the 2nd of 2 e-mails for 07/08/08; this e-mail opened fine and copied to the store folder w/o error or incident. So, for whatever reason, what appeared to be the problem was this:

(Oops - I now realize that these posts are limited to 4000 characters; please see attached for the end of the story...)


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