Multiple users on Outlook 2010 with one Windows login - privacy?

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Hi there,

My wife and I each have our own Hotmail-based accounts. I am trying to set up Outlook 2010 so that we each have our own setup (I am currently reading email online and iPhone-based mostly). I set her account up using the Hotmail Connector - no problem.

What I would like to do is set up a separate profile for myself, and have both of our profiles protected (not that we have anything to hide - we just respect each others' privacy and don't necessarily want to always see each others' accounts). Is there any way to set up separate profiles that are password-protected, without having to create multiple Windows logins? Any add-ins out there that can possibly help? Google searching has not been overly helpful.


Separate profiles are do-able, password protecting the profiles is not.

Go to Control panel, find Mail and create a second profile. Set Outlook to make you pick the profile to use when you click the icon. The only password protection will be the account password though. For more security, you need separate Windows accounts.

How to Create a New Profile - Slipstick Systems
BTW - you can make a shirt to each profile using the /profile switch, if you don't want to use the profile selector.

Tip 393: Multiple Profiles - Outlook Tips

Thanks Diane.

Question - if a shortcut uses the /profile switch, does that override the "Always Use" setting? (For example - I would want Outlook to default to my wife's profile so I would set it to "Always Use" hers, but then create a shortcut to my profile.)

Or, as per your reply above, we could just change shirts. (That's a great typo, BTW.) :p
Dang spellcheck <g> IE10 does spellcheck as i type and autocorrects it... at least it's PG.

Yes, your scenario will work. The shortcut with /profile switch will override the default setting - so your wife can use the shortcut she always uses and you can make your own.
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