Multiple Outlook Invites Received by One Person

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User A received 17-18 outlook meeting acceptances for a meeting that passed last week by User B. User B checked her Sent Items and saw a bunch of her meeting acceptances had been set out. User C had originally setup the meeting invite (to 100 people or so) in her outlook. User C is also a delegate to User A's calendar. We are using Outlook 2016 with Office 365. Could you please tell me how to stop the meeting acceptance messages from appearing in User A's mailbox?

Troubleshooting that has been done:
- User B deleted the meeting from her calendar in outlook. Also, she removed the meeting from her mobile phone
Anyone have any idea's on how to correct
I've been trying to repro this or at least figure out what is going on. C created the meeting on C's own calendar, correct, not on A's calendar?

If a smartphone is involved, it can complicate things if anyone accepted the meeting from the phone. For example, if C invited B and B accepted from a device, then B might be made an organizer. This has been a problem off and on and should be fixed now, but it depends on what software the user has on the device and what updates are installed on Exchange.
Hi Diane- I just wanted to let you know that I had the user B (the one whose email was sending out the outlook message acceptances) to completely remove her work exchange profile on her mobile phone. Then I had reboot the phone and then reinstall the exchange profile. Problem Solved! Thank you for your help too.
Thanks for the update. Fingers crossed it does not return.
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