Any way of search multiple mailboxes in Outlook 2013?

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Any way to search multiple mailboxes in Outlook 2013?

I work in an office of 3 people. We are on Windows 7 Pro and use Outlook 2013 in some sort of web mode (not sure what it's called). It means that we have to archive our mail monthly to local .ost files in order to keep the online mailboxes within size/speed bounds. Not a problem.

We all need continuous access to each other's active mailboxes (not archives), plus to a 4th 'enquiries' mailbox that has no user account. This access must include Advanced Find with full tree (sub-folder) searching.

The only way we've found to accomplish this is for all 3 of us to have all 4 mailboxes open continuously. This makes Outlook slow to load, gives multiple sync & conflict issues and means that we each are bomdarded by other people's reminders. If you kill those reminders, you kill them for the person they're intended for.

My questions:

1. Is there any way to enable full tree search of mailboxes without opening them in this way,

2. Given that the maillboxes are all open, is there any way to turn off reminders that do not originate from your own personal calendar?
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