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I'm bracing for a "this isn't supported" or "nonstandard usage" answer but here goes: I start a second instance of OL2007 via

outlook.exe /select outlook:inbox

while an instance is running. In fact, you can open multiple instances that way. And they're all fine. You can have Inbox in one, calendar in another, Sent in another, and alt-tab back and forth. It's especially useful to open multiple searches at once.

The one greedy tweak request I have regards sort order and autopreview. In the past, I've succeeded in having each instance sort by reverse date and have autopreview off and remembering that. At this point in time though, the second instance always gets it wrong so I have to manually set it each time. Also, in the past, the second instance would have its own history of [instant] search terms, and it would remember its own search terms upon later newly opening a second instance. Even the third instance set of terms was saved too, I recall. But now all I get is a clone of the first instance - except for nastily being sorted "by folder!" (and having preview on)

One thing different with the past is that now I have .OST and before I had .PST. Over the years it's gone back and forth, if that explains anything. Thanks if anyone can explain or advise.

Disclosure: I Googled for a solution for hours and gave up. If I erred and asked a question that's already been asked and answered, I apologize, and attempted to avoid doing that!

Finally: thanks for having this forum. Diane and Sue are incredibly generous, and make the world a finer place. Imagine if Microsoft developers met those same ideals.
Note, "instance" may be a technically dubious choice. Let's just say I'm talking about what you get when you use command line option /select. Sorry about that.
I don't recall this question before, at least not in recent years, so you are safe.... it hasn't been asked and answered yet. :) I'll have to test it to see if it makes a difference between ost and pst. What I would try is resetting the views, preferably using /cleanviews switch rather than just resetting it on the folder. I'm not 100% sure it will fix your views though, and it will wipe out any custom views....
[ result of going outlook.exe /select outlook:inbox which produces a second inbox ]

Is the technical description of this that I'm creating a second Namespace? If that is the case, then maybe I can identify which namespace is which, and possibly take advantage of that - e.g. setting properties (CurrentView properties I'm thinking?) (Confession: I'm generally very weak on Outlook objects, but still readily code fearlessly - or do I mean foolishly?)

BTW one reason to do this is to do multiple searches at the same time. Another, relating in my original post here, is to not disturb the MRU list of search terms, which keeps getting "pushed off the end" when you do a new search. I'd like to keep that list. A second Inbox gets its own list or search terms. (It sure would be nice if Microsoft - you know, that user friendly company that does things because they make sense, and because it helps users - if they would permit registry access to the search terms, I could at least manage MRU scratch items, as I do in Excel.)
You apparently think I'm a better coder... I too am weak on objects and code foolishly. :)

So you use the same set of search terms over and over? Are they for email? If so, create Search folders. You can also code frequently used searches in VBA - add them to the ribbon. See How to Create a Unified Inbox View - Slipstick Systems for samples of the coding required.
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