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I am using the Outlook 2007 desktop application.

I have to delete all the email addresses of employees from a particular company, so if I have sent a msg to and he then replies, I need to delete from the inbox and sent folders. Then I need to delete from both folders.

Messages have been sent to and received from various users employed by over the past year at different times. There are about 10 users but I need to delete every message. It is not so much the individual msg that is important - it is the user's account that needs deleting.

Should I go through each message individually (both sent and inbox folders) and delete them that way, or is there another way, please?


Diane Poremsky

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it is the user's account that needs deleting.
I'm not sure I understand... if people from are sending you email, you would delete their contacts & mail (easy to do) and names from the autosomplete list (harder, you'd need to pretend to address a message to eash person or use a utility- NK2Edit by nirsoft) , not their "account".