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When I send an Email, my server automatically generates a copy. To solve this, I have written a rule to move the copy to a personal file that I created. Currently to empty the folder I manually select the massage and then enter shift+delete to permanently delete the message after answering the question. Is there a simple way in vba to replicate the action of selecting the message and then entering shift+delete but not having the answer the confirmation question.

I have searched the internet but all the vba I find does too much or has some other twist that I do not want to do. I understand how to program Excel vba but the Outlook vba is quite different.

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Diane Poremsky

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When VBA deletes, you do not get the dialog... but rather than go to the effort, why not just disable the option to save sent items? If you use IMAP, there is an option to not save sent items within the account settings, although I think it wasn't added until Outlook 2010 (assuming you are still using 2007.)