Deleting Duplicate Calendar Entires

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Hi I am new to VB and I have been tasked with adding a bit of code into a macro to replace and delete duplicate calendar items. For intance if a meeting was scheduled for 22-oct-2014 @9am but the meeting changed to 10am I am looking to delete the entry for 9am within the calendar. As I am new to VB I am unsure whether to use a delete or a replace command. The existing code is:

Private Sub Copy(ByRef Item As Object)
Dim folderID As String 'ID for folder
folderID = "00000000..." 'Set folder ID value
Dim storeID As String 'ID for store
storeID = "0000000030..." 'Set store ID value

Dim objCalendarFolder As Outlook.Folder 'Folder for additional calendar
Set objCalendarFolder = Outlook.Application.Session.GetFolderFromID(folderID, storeID)
If (Not objCalendarFolder Is Nothing) Then
Dim currentAppt As AppointmentItem
If TypeOf Item Is AppointmentItem Then
Set currentAppt = Item
Set currentAppt = Item.GetAssociatedAppointment(False) 'Call get current item function
End If

Call currentAppt.Copy.Move(objCalendarFolder)
Set currentAppt = Nothing
End If
End Sub

I was thinging along the lines of in laymans terms

If Item = True
Else Exit
You'll need to use .delete and then resave it with the correct date. Or, just select it and change the time.
Thanks for the response.. I should have been more clear in that a user will create an appointment on their calendar and it will update a shared group calendar. This is what adds another level of complexity
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