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I recently updated to Outlook 2010 and I am experiencing several frustrations.

I receive invoices via e-mail which I print and then process. When I print them the header prints along with the invoice. Is there a way to print the invoice without the header, or shrink the header and invoice to only print on one page?

I recently copied information from an e-mail and attempted to past it into a task. When I attempted to save the task it would not save, stating that I didn’t have the permission to save some of the information in my paste. What settings do I need to change?

I am finding that Outlook e-mail is not deleting e-mails. In the “old” edition I would highlight one or several e-mails and click “delete” and they were gone. Now I have to do one at a time, and they don’t always seem to be deleted. What settings do I need to change?

Thanks for your help.

(hate the mobile app... can't read and reply at once :( ) -

on deleting, what account type is configured? it should work the same on outlook 2010 as it did before. i don't think the task problem is related.

the task problem may be related to controls - i'll check that when i get back on my laptop. it should not kick up that message but may if there is something in the code, like activex.
Under Options, Mail, then what should I look for? to print just the body?

Thank you,
You need to open the message and on the More > Actions button is Open in browser. Then print from the browser. This assumes the message is HTML, not RTF. If its RTF or plain text, you'll need to convert to HTML using Edit message command first - obviously not a good option - but that is the only way to remove the section the says

Account Name


None of that is editable. In Outlook 2003 you could get past some of the problems by using word as the editor and clicking forward - actually, that might help you some in Outlook 2010. (I'm on a mobile device and can't verify what all is included when you print a forward in outlook 2007/2010)
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