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Howdy all. I've been following advice from various forums but I cannot seem to get it working. The overly simplfied version of what I am doing is as follows:

I have a Label in word called "projectName" who's caption is blank. I have a textbox in Outlook called "projectName". I want to hit the button on the form and send the value in the textbox to that label in word, and then print the word document. If someone could help me correct the line I've made obvious I would appreciate it (also if there's errors below it I'd appreciate the heads up). All I have is textboxes, checkboxes and comboboxes in the form.

Sub printButton_Click() 
Set oWordApp = CreateObject("Word.Application") 
Set FormPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Message") 
If oWordApp Is Nothing Then
    MsgBox "Couldn't start Word." 
   MsgBox "Could Start Word."
   Dim oWordApp
   Dim oWordDoc
   Dim bolPrintBackground 
' Open a new document. 
Set oDoc = oWordApp.Documents.Add("C:\Scratchpad\Survey_Request_Form_Print_Template.dotm") 
'Set the first bookmark to the contact's full name. 
'********** THIS LINE IS BORKED **********
   oDoc.FormFields("projectName").Label = CStr(FormPage.Controls("projectName").Text) 
'********** THIS LINE IS BORKED ********** 
   ' Get the current Word setting for background printing.
   bolPrintBackground = oWordApp.Options.PrintBackground 
' Turn background printing off.
   oWordApp.Options.PrintBackground = False 
   ' Print the Word document.
' Restore previous setting.
   oWordApp.Options.PrintBackground = bolPrintBackground 
   ' Close and do not save changes to the document.
   Const wdDoNotSaveChanges = 0
   oDoc.Close wdDoNotSaveChanges 
   ' Close the Word instance.
'Clean up.
   Set oDoc = Nothing
   Set oWordApp = Nothing 
End If 
End Sub
Bump - could really do with help here. Been stalled out on this for a week

Cheers guys
Sorry about that - i was out of town and my helpers aren't very good at helping. :(

I'm not sure if you can insert into label fields, I've only inserted into bookmarks and text fields. Did you try assigning the string to a variable then insert it -
strMyField = CStr(FormPage.Controls("projectName").Text)
oDoc.FormFields("projectName").Label = strMyField
oDoc.FormFields("projectName").Label = strMyField

This line returned a "The requested member of the collection does not exist." Therefore it would seem your uncertainty was well founded! I swapped to Plain Text Controls and it worked wonders.

Thanks for your help :)
Sorry for the triple post. New problem same code.

There is a print button on the form which calls the template. It works on the originating computer, but not on the recieving computer. Hitting "Develop This Form' shows the code correctly sends, and the code has error MsgBoxs which are not popping up. I can post the code if it helps, but it's 8000 characters and therefore exceeds the 4000 character limit on this forum.
Do you have macro security set to low? That is #1 cause of code not working. If the code is running (so its not macro security) , comment out all of the error handlers and run it or step through it to see where it stops.
I'll check tomorrow, I have not changed that setting because I was unaware it existed.

I should point out that I can use the code when running the form with the "Run This Form" option inside "Design This Form". That's how I didn't discover my issue until I sent it for testing
if the code works inside run this firm, it's not macro security. Is the form published or opened from the Choose Form dialog? Because it has script behind it, you need to open it using the Choose Forms dialog or publish it. Outlook will usually popup a warning about this though.
Choose form option was chosen on the test clients.

The button isn't even doing anything; on a different program altogether we had to enable the code to send along it's identity, otherwise the client didn't know the button was actually called printButton etc. In Outlook do we have to alter anything to send definitions of objects?
It seems the form had to be published to each individual clients Form Directory inside outlook in order for my printing code to function.
Correct, it needs published - that is a security feature of outlook. If you use Exchange server it could be published to the organizational forms library, but with other accounts every user needs to publish it.
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