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I have recently installed an HP OfficeJet Pro X476dw and am now unable to print anything within Outlook 2007 (printing in everything else is fine). It won't let me change and save the default to Tray 2. I can go in and change it in several locations and click OK, but when I go to print, it defaults back to Tray 1. I've even tried to create a new print styles and that doesn't work. I went around and around with HP Support and they say that it is an Outlook 2007 problem. I've "repaired" my Office 2007 installation, but that didn't fix it. Do you have any suggestions?


Diane Poremsky

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Delete outlprnt file.. but if the problem is that outlook won't let you use non-default settings, that is normal. It should use them if you go into the print menu to print but if you use quick print, it will always use the default printer settings - and this is default as in the printer says its the default.