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Thanks for the incredible help I've received here, usually lurking through the years of great stuff here. Here's something that I expect will be easy but I'm floundering. If it's not simple, it's okay, this is not really important to me.

I want to intercept Outlook shutdown if there are windows open (emails, reminders) and challenge myself with a yes/no whether to indeed shutdown, like it does when you have "semi-deleted" items, or items that have changed since opening (and emails that have an attachment open, so it prompts you before closing the email). Maybe I'll have a yes/no/cancel msgbox for each active window found, stating its .Name. So I started off in ThisOutlookSession with

Dim olApp As Outlook.Application

Private Sub Application_Quit()
Dim olItems As Outlook.Items, olItem As Object, i As Integer

For Each olItem In olItems 'breakpoint on this line

End Sub

thinking maybe what I really want is

for each Explorer in olApp


for each Window in olApp

However the breakpoint in the Quit event only flashes for a second, and then Outlook closes anyway.

1. I request to close OL07 with File/Exit

2. It asks whether to permanently delete Deleted Items

3. I click yes

4. The breakpoint line lights up as though I'll get debug control over execution.

5. A half a second later Outlook disappears and OUTLLOOK.EXE disappears from XP task list.

A. Is Application_Quit() the place to do this?

B. Is there a "collection" of open windows that I can For Each?

C. Can I stop the Quit even? I don't see a "Cancel" boolean, for one thing!
Thanks, but no good. The MS article actually describes exactly what I'm doing, but even does so incorrectly (it goes in ThisOutlookSession, not a class module). Oh, well, no biggie.
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