Working with Explorer.Close event

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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I'm trying to get Outlook to do some things when the user closes the application.

I tried using the app.quit event, but that's too late, because by the time it fires, Outlook has already released all of my variables/objects. I need to run my code in an event that fires before that.

I found some (sparse) documentation suggesting to use Explorer.Close() event for that reason. But I don't think the event is firing... or I've set it up wrong?

I declared global variables:
Private WithEvents MyExplorers as Outlook.Explorers
Private WithEvents MyExplorer as Outlook.Explorer.

In Application_Startup, I do:
Set MyExplorers = Application.Explorers
Set MyExplorer = MyExplorers.Item(1)
(And I've verified that it does get set)

Then I created:

Private Sub MyExplorer_Close()

>> This sub never runs. Why not?

(Further: I also created MyExplorers_NewExplorer() to verify that this event was firing. It does.)

I can find very little documentation or examples for the Explorer events.
Any help?

By the way -- the thing I'm ultimately trying to accomplish... While Outlook is running, I have a draft email that I use to log various stuff that I want logged. Before Outlook shuts down, I want it to Send that draft email to me. So have a global MyLog as MailItem, and I need to call MyLog.Send. That's what I want to put in MyExplorer.Close().
You can try to set RequireShutdownNotification in the registry for the VBA Addin, add that key to the Addin with a dword value of 1.

Thanks, Michael. What will that do? I'm guessing; but it doesn't sound like it will cause the Explorer.Close event to fire. Rather, it sounds like maybe it will cause Outlook to stop and wait for me to click a button before it closes?
It just notifies the Addin that Outlook is going to close.
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