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Recently, my 'move to iCloud' button in outlook 2013 calendar is not working. Normally, when I click 'move to icloud' on one of my events in my outlook calendar, it will move to my iCloud calendar so that it will be sync on my iPhone calendar. This button don't seems to work now even though it is not grey out. The addin for iCloud is also enabled. Anyone can assist?

I have run the easy fix and it works well and syncing. However, the ‘move to icloud’ is not working in the outlook calendar. I am unable to move event create in the outlook calendar to iCloud calendar. Previously it works.
Yeah... move to icloud is either dead (mine) or missing (2 clients) - I'm still looking into it. I know one of the guys who doesn't have the button is using outlook 2007 and icloud 6.1. I'm testing on outlook 2007 and icloud 7.7 (installing 7.10 now).

I can drag it to the calendar and the Move to command on the File tab should work too.
So much for icloud 7.10 - it won't install.
The main problem is windows 7 and TLS - but there is definitely something else going on as its preventing the move to icloud option to work. Exactly what does not work depends on the version of outlook and icloud.
yes, I can drag from my outlook calendar (on PC) to icloud calendar by opening the 2 calendars side by side. Thanks for the workaround. Let me know if you have found a solution on the 'move to icloud' button. Thanks much for your response and help! :)
I have the same problem with Outlook in Office 365 - fully updated - on Windows 10 - fully updated.

I click "Move to iCloud" (not grayed out) and nothing happens. Events and contacts from iCloud sync properly. I tried signing out of iCloud and signing back in, with no success. I have a second computer with the same configuration and there all is OK.
Same here. Move to iCloud button no longer works on either of my PCs, but thanks for the workarounds! Sync works fine. I've gone through the add/remove account, etc. steps. No change. Not sure when it quit working, but sometime recently.

Outlook 2016 64-bit, Win 10 Ent 1903, iCloud
Outlook 365, Win 10 Pro 1903, iCloud 7.15.10
Any resolution on this issue. I have the same problem. I try to add an appointment the dialog box comes up I try to click move to icloud and it does nothing. I bought a new computer today and installed new software (but I need the 32 bit and 2016 for my work programs), it still doesn't work. Has anyone found a fix? My problem started September 9th!
Hey everyone! Just got off with an awesome person at office. To fix the problem go to the calendar you want to be your default icloud calendar. Right click on it and click on the icloud icon that says set as default and voila, IT WORKS!!!!!
Have you tried doing this?
  1. Check iCloud’s System Status
  2. Sign out and in
  3. Update Your Windows 10 iCloud Software
  4. Open Outlook with the/resetnavpane Switch
  5. Edit the Registry
  6. Check that iCloud isn’t Your Default Account
Hope this helps you!
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