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I own Office 365 Home and have 4 "shares" left. I have a new computer and want to download Outlook 365 (and the rest of Office 365) to my new system. Problem: I want to download to my new system using my "old" address. The Office 365 refuses to "share", claiming that I need to de-register my existing version first. I don't want to lose my old data. Anyone know a tactic?
Outlook on the old PC can help. In Outlook 2010, click the File tab, then Info in the left pane. Select Account Settings and then Account Settings again. In Outlook 2007 and older versions, select Tools > Options.
Once there, click the Data Files button. You’ll find the information you need in the resulting dialog box. Or you could click Open File Location to go right to the folder.

Once you’ve installed Outlook onto the new PC, you’ll have a fresh, clean, and empty .pst file. You’ll have to import data from the old file to the new one.
Once Outlook is up and running, click the File tab and select Open & Export > Import/Export. In the resulting Import and Export wizard, select Import from another program or file, then Outlook Data File (.pst).
On the wizard’s next page, for the “File to import’ option, click the Browse button and select the old .pst file. Don’t worry about the other options.
The next page will ask you what to import. If you want to import everything, and I assume you do, just stick with the default.
When you click Finish, the wizard will go away, and the import will start. If you see no visible sign of importing, wait a few seconds; it will start soon enough.
Hope this helps you.
The Office 365 refuses to "share", claiming that I need to de-register my existing version first. I don't want to lose my old data. Anyone know a tactic?
So you have 2 addresses and both have a subscription? You can't share with accounts if they have a subscription already.

That would be the only reason you can't share a subscription.

As for losing data, you won't lose it. It's just a licensing change.

If you are over the free limits in outlook or OneDrive, you won't be able to add files or receive mail, but they won't delete content immediately - not sure how long you have to drop below the limits, but its at least a week.
I downloaded Office 365. When it self-installed its apps, the Mail app installed Outlook.COM. My primary email is Outlook 365 using “mail.twc.com” (a Spectrum company) as the server. It is a POP3 account.

I use the same username (gschultz@xxxxxxx.ccc) for both Outlook.COM and Outlook365. When I try to add a new account for the Spectrum email to the new instance of Outlook, a dialog pops up saying “You have already installed this account.” How can I detach Outlook.COM and install my main POP3 mail account?
The email-accounts you have setup in Outlook have nothing to do with whatever Microsoft Account is linked to your Office-365 subscription.

You can name the Accounts whatever you want. I find it helpful to make the name match the email address it accesses.

In Office 2016 - To get the full options for email accounts (for easy editing)
File / Account Settings / Manage Profiles / Email Accounts / select one / Change

"Test Account Settings" should also work for each if configured properly.

It should be similar in Office-2019 (or whatever version Office-365 is giving-out to users these days).
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