Outlook 2013 IMAP actions (message move / delete etc.) significantly delayed

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
I'm using Outlook 2013 with a couple of IMAP-based accounts and have observed significant degradation of time Outlook needs to reflect my operations on the server.

Right after I installed Outlook it looked like it performed all actions (mostly messages movement and deletion) almost on-the-fly.

When I logged into my webmail all folders were current. Now when I work in Outlook for a whole day and in the evening I log into my webmail I see all the messages as "untouched" - meaning they are not marked as read, deleted nor moved to other folders as they should be. It looks like messages only keep coming to the server and nothing has been done to them which is obviously not true.

The "Purge items when switching folders while online" option has been enabled from the beginning but Outlook apparently at some point started to ignore this setting.

I know that Outlook is not perfect when working with IMAP folders (2013 version is even worse IMHO than 2010) but is there anything I can do to resolve this issue and make Outlook reflect the operations sooner?
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