Outlook 2013 EAS, 3 imap accounts. Meeting invites not synced to outlook.com

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Dear Community,

I have Outlook 2013 setup with Three IMAP accounts and one MS live account. Default email account is one of the Three IMAP accounts. Default datafile is the Live account. If I get a meeting invite sent to any of the Three imap accounts I can accept the meeting and it will be stored in the Calendar belonging to the Live account calendar and Everything looks ok EXCEPT that the meeting invite does not get synced to Outlook.com hence does not show up on my other devices or my windows pHone.

BUT if someone send me a meeting invite to my live account email it does the above AND gets synced to Outlook.com.

Why doesn't other meeting invites get synced?

Any other appointment and/or tasks that I add to the calendar is immediately synced to Outlook.com so the error only affects meeting invites arriving to any of my Three imap accounts.

I have deleted the Live account, added it again. I have also deleted all Three IMAP ost-files to see if it helped, but no.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Kind regards


Diane Poremsky

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Does it sync if you add a category to it? Events moved or added to the calendar using a method other then New appointment won't always sync until it's edited - I've found adding a category is enough editing to kick off the sync.
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