Attached files on Outlook 2010 Sp1 & Exc 2013 are missing

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We have a exchange 2013 server.
Sometimes we have issues with attached files on Outlook, when a user try send an email his attached files aren't received by recipient but the email arrive well.

It doesn't always happen, we belive that it only happens in the afternoons, we don't know if it hasto do with some exchange mantenance task. The users have the delivery is made on pst files but if we change the delivery on mailbox directly, we belive that this issue disappears. (But not confirmed)

Some idea of what may be happening.

Hello..I have the same problem.Some days before i am sending a mail with attachment of senior home care Tampa .But the recipient doesn't get the attachment.What is the solution for this problem?I think so many people face this same problem.
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