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On HTML mail messages, there's usually also an option "view in browser". I remember this used to work when I used it a few years ago. If I do it now, it opens in Edge, and it only displays plain text "code" there, instead of a rendered message with images and formatting. Pretty much the same in Firefox.
Any idea how to solve this?
Yep, that did it, thanks.

As I don't really use Edge, I also noticed that it was logged into my Microsoft account - I suppose it did this when I added account to Outlook. The system also logged the whole Office into account after adding its IMAP account. Is there no way to keep those separate now?
The account was added as an IMAP account?

If you are offered an option to sign in only to email, that will keep you from logging into other services. I don't know if offer that option or only business accounts.

In Windows Settings - Accounts - under email & accounts, can you disconnect the account? It will make you sign in again next time you check email - and if you are given a choice to onbly sign into email, click the link.
Not sure anymore - I think I wanted to add it as IMAP, but it was automatically "autodiscovered" and added as an Exchange account (this I only noticed later on). The whole Office suite was subsequently logged into the MS account, and apparently Edge as well. A couple of days ago I went to File / Office Account (in Outlook or Word) and chose Sign Out, and I later discovered that also the mail account wasn't syncing any longer. And when I signed it back in (thinking it would be email account only), the Outlook theme also changed color (the Office Account was logged in again). Oh well.

Under Windows Settings / Accounts / Email & accounts, the MS account has "Apps need to ask me to use this account" under "Sign in options".

I do have Office 2021 if that makes any difference (not shown on my profile here, as the highest option was 2019...). I get the feeling that 2021 is about the same as 365, except that it can be used and updated without the MS account login.

Fun fact: The top 3 queried hosts on my OpenDNS dashboard during the last week:
but it was automatically "autodiscovered" and added as an Exchange account
This is recommended for and any other exchange account.

I do have Office 2021 if that makes any difference
That is a non-subscription version - but you need signed into it for the license.

Fun fact: The top 3 queried hosts on my OpenDNS dashboard during the last week:
It's similar if you use Fiddler to watch HTTP traffic - Outlook constantly pins the server.
That is a non-subscription version - but you need signed into it for the license.

Does this mean that if I leave it signed out for 30 days, it will start bugging me to sign in again? I'm pretty sure it's tied to the machine, not the MS account, but we'll see.
It should... but they keep changing the requirements for Office licenses, so who knows. :) We'll find out in 30 days.
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