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Up front: I know how to merge .pst files (after creating a new .pst import the other .pst, etc.)
Also dragging folders.

However, for the below scenario I haven't been able to figure out how to proceed.

The (archive) .pst files that I have only contain folders with contents.

when I click on the name of the archive pst (CustomerArchive) nothing is displayed.
when I click on the folder CustomerA, CustomerB, CustomerC, the contents of those folders are visible.

Now .. after creating a new Archive.pst, I will create a subfolder in that new .pst, e.g. Customer-A-F,
I want the separate folders from CustomerArchive imported into the subfolder Customer-A-F in the new archive.pst.

The new Archive(.pst) should then read as follows
--- Customer-A-F
------ CustomerA
------ CustomerB
------ CustomerC

note: drag & drop will ask a confirmation for each action, with the amount of subfolders that is too much work.

Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, i don't think there is an easy solution.... right click and move folder (or use the ribbon command) will not trigger the dialog but it's still an extra click... it really depends on which is less annoying.

if they are in a different pst, using import is a lot more steps as you'd need to repeat the steps for each folder.

ClickYes should be able to eliminate the need for you to click yes... i don;t think you could automate it using a macro (plus testing it would waste more time than you'd save. :))
Thank you Diane.
I also tried to :
- first create an empty new archive
- create a subfolder in that new archive
- then opened the old archive and tried to export into the new archive subfolder
but I don't believe that will work either.

The only thing left is the 'standard' merging.

Anyway, thanks again.

Export should work - you need to do one folder at a time and select the source and destination folders. But it's really too many steps... worse than clicking Ok every time.
Thank you again Diane.
BTW, if you had a lot of folders to move and know some vba, you could probably automate it using folder.copyto - Folder.CopyTo Method (Outlook) - but if its a onetime thing, doing it manually might still be the fstest.
If you have a large no of PST file then it may cause trouble in opening one by one and also time consuming. so you need to merge PST file at single place, it make easy to access the files and remove duplicated .

there is two way to merge PST file :

(1)freeware or manual

(2)Commercial ware or third party utility

Manual way is quite slow & time consuming and it is not reliable too because there is chances of losing data files. In manual way you need to be technical, you can't miss any single steps if you did then PST file may got corrupted or you lose some data files.
Thank you Diane and thank you Bruce.
At the end I decided to merge the pst files manually. Admittedly it took a while.
(Obviously, in case of an older system, merging larger pst-files, it could be a really boring thing_)

Bruce: I was aware of the merge pst file tool and I am sure it is a perfect tool. I did have a look at it,
before I started this thread.
Hpwever, I believe it offers its best value when when used on a more or less regular basis.
As for me, it would be a one-off thing only and in that respect, for myself, I could not justify the price.
Even though it is, undoubtedly, a great tool and has a lot to offer!

Anyway, thanks again.
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