How To Merge Contact Info to Email Custom Form Template

Randy Redekopp

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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I have added birthdays to my client contacts so that it reminds me a couple days before.
I also have a custom email template so that I can send birthday wishes when the reminder pops up.

Currently, when I see the reminders for a particular day, I create an email based on the custom template, modify the body to have that person's name and info and then send.

I am looking for a way to save time and typing so that I don't need to fill in the client's name within the email body. Has to be as simple as possible. Was hoping I could simply drag-drop the contact onto my custom form and have it merge the contact data with the template.

Perhaps I'm missing something simple but am not able to make this work. Thoughts?


Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Exchange Server 2013
1. For merging you need to navigate to contact list>create a contact list.
2.create contact list . save. import contacts.
5.then select all the contacts you want to import and then click on merge