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Hi Diane and all,

Hoping you can come to the rescue as you have in the past. I have a custom contact form I've been using for years. I created it in Outlook 2016 64-bit and updated Outlook without a problem to Outlook 2021 64-bit around a year ago. Suddenly, about a week ago some of the fields are displaying in a 3-point font too small to read. The form was designed with all 8-point Tahoma. Now those tiny text fields are displayed in 2 or 3-point Tahoma. I've gone into the custom form repeatedly and changed the font size back to 8, then saved. As soon as I load a contact it goes back to the tiny font again. I can change the font type and it sticks, but the font size will not.

I haven't made any changes in the Office / Outlook environment. I did recently have a Windows update to my Windows 10 Pro 64-bit v22H2. It may have happened after that.

Any pointers are appreciated.

- Andy Z

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Diane, the font size was actually changed in Properties for the affected fields. All the fields were designed with 8-point Tahoma. The seven affected fields were changed to 3-point Tahoma, and in one case 2-point Tahoma.

My Outlook is Desktop, pop only.

The affected fields did all contain hyperlinks or email addresses. But if I edited any entries to just plain words, the tiny size persisted.

I tried for hours to change the font sizes and they would not persist. Font types could be changed and persist. I tried rebooting several times.

Finally, I ran the PSTSCAN tool twice, finishing overnight, then rebooted.

Today I was able to reset the font sizes to 8, they persist, and all seems to be working.

I don't know what could have bugged the form, but it seems to be OK now.

I don't know why PSTSCAN would have worked. I didn't think the custom forms were in the PST.

The custom form is in my Personal Forms Library. I find a form by that name at:

Is that TMP file really the form? It does have a filestamp with today's date.

At any rate, I'm OK now. I appreciate your help and your Outlook Forums is always my goto for information and help. Thank you.

- Andy Z
I don't know why with would have fixed it.

The form is stored in the pst - in the root folder in the pst (its hidden), but is also cached locally.

Thanks for letting me know what fixed it - someone else might have the same issue.
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