custom form

  1. P

    Can't add custom field to custom Outlook form, it always adds to the Folder instead

    Hello! We have an Outlook Add-in that we have been using and maintaining for several years. It uses a customized appointment form called "Quote" (IPM.Appointment.Quote). Whenever we want to track more data for the Quote, I would just add some new fields in the Custom Form Designer, then...
  2. AndyZ

    Contact Custom Form Tiny Text

    Hi Diane and all, Hoping you can come to the rescue as you have in the past. I have a custom contact form I've been using for years. I created it in Outlook 2016 64-bit and updated Outlook without a problem to Outlook 2021 64-bit around a year ago. Suddenly, about a week ago some of the fields...
  3. R

    Validating a group of Checkboxes

    Hello. In my custom form, I have a few sections in which I want the user to select one or more boxes. The best way I though to do this is verify whether one of a bunch of values is set to True. So for example, if the there were Checkbox1, Checkbox2, and Checkbox3, all three would have something...
  4. N

    Separate Read Layout Editing

    Hi all, I have a custom email form with form controls, i.e. check boxes, text boxes, option buttons and a date picker (DTPicker). I was having trouble viewing what the user was entering into the compose page (i.e. the form controls were not present when I viewed it in my outlook inbox). I found...
  5. N

    Custom Form Controls Not Visible To Recipient

    Hi All, Very new to this forum. I appreciate any help I can get. I have a custom form message with controls (checkboxes, date controls, etc.) that users fill out. After they send the message though, I am not able to see the controls that conveyed vital information. I just get a normal outlook...
  6. Z

    Adding dropdown list using custom form

    I'm trying to add project codes dropdown at custom form. Once user selected the project codes, it will display it at the end of the subject. This is the code that I have right now. Everthing working fine untill when I received the sent email. The email wont automatically open like normal...
  7. J

    autocomplete function in custom form

    I am wondering if it is possible to use the Outlook email address autocomplete function in a custom field? I don't know if this is possible or if anyone has ever done such a thing.
  8. A

    Add attachments to appointment based on field values

    I'm working on a custom outlook form based on outlooks Appointment form. The user will fill out the appointment as you would normally, and then there is a second page where you enter various details. I have a few fields where an exact file path is stored. I want the document located at this...
  9. S

    my vbscript button1_click code works on appointment created but not on opening an existing apntmn

    hi I have an open_item sub and a commandbutton1_click sub. the open_item loads data from a db and into a listbox.possiblevalues while the selected value is stored on a custom field the commandbutton1_click creates a access.application object.(is it possible to do so in a modal way?) When I...
  10. P

    Message Class keeps changing back to IPM.Contact

    Hi - I use a custom contact form in Outlook 2007 and successfully use a short VB script to change the message class to IPM.Contact.customform and more recently I use Doc Message Class which is even easier. It has worked for years without problem but now my contacts keep changing back to the...
  11. L

    Change the displayed fields in calendar view

    Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to change the fields that are displayed in Outlook's calendar view (Preview or regular week view) (ie Subject, Location and notes). We are building custom meeting forms for our users, and we would need to display some of these new custom fields in a common...
  12. M

    Clear custom date field after recurrence

    Hello! I've got two custom fields (date format) in my custom form, and need them to be empty / clean/ clear, when task is done, and new task is created (it is recurring task). For now, when recurring task is done, default start and due date fields are updated according to recurrence settings...
  13. M

    Recurrence and custom fields

    Hello! I've got question - recurrence affects only default start and finish date fields? Is it possible to connect custom date fields to reccurence? When recurring task is done than new recurring task item is created with updated date fields (default start and finish date fields are updated)...
  14. M

    How to duplicate content of one field in another field?

    Hi. I have created custom form (task) with form regions (I replaced first page with another one that looks very similar to default, but has additional date fields). What I need is: when i put date in "start date" field, the same date should occur in another date field (let's name it "copy of...
  15. M

    Recurring icon for custom form task item

    Hello! Greetings :) I need help! I've created a custom task form (IPM.Task.Zadanie) from default task form (IPM.Task), changed icons in properties tab - large and small - to task icons found in Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\FORMS\1045 folder (TASKL.ICO and TASKS.ICO - i use Outlook...