How to duplicate content of one field in another field?

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I have created custom form (task) with form regions (I replaced first page with another one that looks very similar to default, but has additional date fields).

What I need is:

when i put date in "start date" field, the same date should occur in another date field (let's name it "copy of start date"). When the date change (due to recurrence after task is done or manually) in "start date" field, it should also be changed in the "copy of start date" field.

Plz help how to make it work.

Thx and greetings.
Hi again!

Thank you for your advice, but I need another solution.

The point is that I need sth like default "start date" field with the ability to set the time (date + time).

You can not set date + time format for the "start date". The "start date" is by default set to a format that displays just the date. The time is permanently set to 00:00, and is not displayed by default. Nor can it change. I added even control from the Toolbox (Microsoft Office Outlook Time Control), and bound it with a field "start date", but the only permissible hour was 00:00.

So I created using the controls from the toolbox (Microsoft Office Outlook Date Control and Microsoft Office Outlook Time Control), two custom fields (one for date and one for time). I called them both the same (they are date / time format, but aren't bind to default "start date" - they are independent).

I need "date format" fields because only this format is available when i choose initial and final field in timeline view (or day/month/year view).

But i also need default "start date" field (because of recurrence which only affects default "start date" field). The thing is I need the same date value in my custom field as in "start date". This custom fields are kind cloned the "start date", with the possibility to set the time.

What I need is:

when i put date in default "start date" field, the same date should occur in my custom date field (let's name it "copy of start date"). When the date change (due to recurrence after task is done or manually) in "start date" field, it should also be changed in the "copy of start date" field. Time field will be changed independently.

Plz help

I've got one more question - recurrence affects only default start and due date? Is it possible to connect custom date field to reccurence? For ex. lets say it's 1st january, task is set to: start date 1st january and due date 1st january and recurrence : create new task after 1 day the task is done. So new dates in default start / due date fields after task is done should be: 2nd january.

So if custom date field would be connected to recurrence, than custom date field should also display 2nd january.

So how to connect recurrence to custom date fields ?

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